family life

What does the typical Italian family eat on Sunday midday?
Do English families have teatime break on Sundays?
What does the typical German family play on Sunday afternoon?
How does an unconventional French family spend the Sunday evening?
How long does a Spanish family make siesta on Sunday afternoon?
And what about an African family?

Through stereotypes to overcome them, I propose you to send a short story, a script for a short film (or even directly a short film if you have already shot it) under the motto “family Sunday”. I will first publish them on the blog, with the aim of compiling a good and strong script to realize a film made by many shorts.

The story can be ironic, can be dramatic, can be funny, can be surrealistic; the most important thing is telling something that you know from your own experience, and the short should not be longer than 10 minutes.

I accept script and short stories (500-1000 words) but no screenplays, in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Don’t hesitate writing me to ask more information!